We organize training courses, which include topics.

Jopi SaaS solutions for your business needs We are also an experienced and reliable implementer of needs-based Jopi SaaS solutions. We
provide efficiency and security for, among other things, remote and
teamwork, email access, file synchronization, website maintenance, and
data security. Well-designed cloud services provide a solid foundation for cost-effectiveness. We help your company implement cloud and SaaS services and ensure their reliability.

If necessary, we organize Jopi Saas trainings and closely related process management. We carry out the training at Ruotsinpyhtää ironworks in suitable premises, such as an office center in the area. Accommodation
and teambuilding take place in the same area where there are plenty of
restaurants, wildfires and other activities. The duration of the training is from two days to a week, depending on how extensive the Jopi Saas training is.

Accommodation options