We have operated successfully in accommodation operations where foreign workers speak either their own language or Russian.We are a trusted partner for homeowners who rent apartments through us.

Our accommodation business is mainly in the Loviisa, Porvoo and Kotka areas, where we mainly accommodate workers, foreign companies from mainly Eastern Europe and connection tool for Finnish homeowners.

Our expertise is in the language and culture field because we serve our customers in Finnish, English and Russian. It has been observed that home users, ie workers, speak either their own language or Russian or English.

Especially in accommodation, we use our tacit knowledge when we take good care of all our customers throughout the accommodation process.

We have decades of contact with cultural knowledge from Eastern Europe and we are able to agilely solve the different types of accommodation problems that are encountered during the accommodation period.

So the home owners and home users of the accommodation process do not face any major problems. This saves a lot of time and money on different types of housing and continuity is taken care of with our engagement marketing expertise.

We also accommodate tourists in Loviisa where our portal fishing cottage says more